First-Ever Virtual Ride

It’s Virtually a Ride!

Don’t let the coronavirus get you down! Until you can come ride with Old North Bridge Hounds in person, ride with us this summer—virtually!

What’s a “virtual ride”?

Like other virtual events, a virtual horseback ride is designed to let you participate in an organized ride—but wherever and whenever you want. Safely. For ribbons! It’s kinda like a hunter pace event—just less pressure. And virtual!

How does it work?

In the 3 weeks between Monday, August 10, 2020, and Monday, August 31, 2020, riders—either as individuals or in teams of two or three—must log two rides. Any two rides—on horseback. The length of each ride—as well as the pace—is entirely up to you. The only requirement is your rides must be outside a ring. Simply ride around your barn, up and down a road or driveway. Or venture out to some distant trails. We let you decide how to participate!

What do you win?

Enter as an individual. Make sure you include your horse in the photo! Ears are always good.
Enter as an individual. Make sure you include your horse in the photo! Ears are always good.

To add to the fun, we’ll be awarding first-, second-, and third-place ribbons in the following categories:


  • Most Scenic Location
  • Most Unique Location
  • Best Turned-Out Individual
  • Best Costume
  • Best-Matched Horse and Rider
  • Best GoPro Entry

Teams of 2-3

  • Most Scenic Location
  • Most Unique Location
  • Best Turned-Out Team
  • Best Costume
  • Best-Matched Team
  • Best GoPro Entry

Participate in as many categories as you’d like—choose which ones on your entry form—but Old North Bridge Hounds reserves the right to award you (or your team) a ribbon for only one category.

What do you have to do?

The first thing you have to do is sign up! You can enter both as an individual and as part of a team, but if you do you must submit two separate entry forms—and pay the fees for both. It’s only $15 per individual and $25 per team. All teams must submit only one payment for the team, and all team members must be identified at the time of entry.

Enter as a team
Enter as a team. Make sure to include all your team members in your photos! And identify everyone in the photo.

You can ride purely for fun, of course, but to be eligible for a ribbon in any category, you must document both rides electronically with photos.

Each time you ride, email your photo to with the following information:

  • Name(s) of participant(s): If you’re riding as an individual, you must have some portion of your horse—like the ears!—in the photo with you. If you’re riding as a team, you must capture some portion of all team members—or their horses. Be sure to identify everyone in every picture—We want to credit you!
  • Date of ride: Month and day will do!
  • Location of ride: Be as general or as specific as you’d like. We’ll be happy just seeing you out there—until we can see you for real!
  • Category: Send photos for every category in which you want to compete—make sure to identify which one each time you submit a photo—but remember: We reserve the right to award a ribbon for only one category.

And please consider letting us post your photos on social media—You can give us permission on your entry form*. We hope you do—We want to share the fun! We’ll be sharing photos throughout the event—and of course we’ll be announcing all the winners!—so send as many pics as you’d like—More is more!

Note: Signed permission on a team’s form serves as permission for all team members.

And speaking of social media, we’ve branched out! Please be sure to follow us everywhere:


What if you have questions?

Questions? No problem! This is a completely new event inspired by the times, so we expect you may have questions—Don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact Old North Bridge Hounds member Coco at at any time.

Entry Form – Individual

Entry Form – Team Entry