Old North Bridge Hounds Elects New Stewards

The members of Old North Bridge Hounds elected new officers and stewards at our Annual Meeting on May 16.

President: Stuart Greenberg
Vice President: Thomas Moran
Secretary: Janet Killeen
Treasurer: Norman ‘Chic’ Daigle

Where Men Wear Pinks
Where Men Wear Pinks

Board of Stewards

  • Nöel Estes
  • Wendy Good
  • Meta Greenberg
  • Jon Kaiser
  • Bill Pybas
  • Jim Wheeler
  • Ginny Zukatynski
  • Rhonda Watts Hettinger
  • Deborah Wiedemer
  • Honorary: David Green

At the annual meeting Mim presented Ginny with the ONBH pin to commemorate her first season as huntsman.

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