Old North Bridge Hounds Masters’ Dinner

Break out your pearls and feathers for this Roaring 20s-themed holiday party! Join Old North Bridge Hounds at the Wedgewood Country Club (215 Harvard Road, Stow) for our annual Masters’ Dinner. We’ll be presenting the Championship Awards for our Hunter Pace Series, conducting a silent auction and raffles, and have a competition to win $$Continue reading “Old North Bridge Hounds Masters’ Dinner”

Results from October 1 Hunter Pace at Red Rail Farm

Thank you to all the riders who came out today and made our Pace a success! And, of course to the ONBH members who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to keep it all running smoothly. The results of today’s Pace are below. Ribbons will be mailed out soon.   The Best Matched Teams were: 1stContinue reading “Results from October 1 Hunter Pace at Red Rail Farm”

Results from October 2 Hunter Pace at Red Rail Farm

Thanks to everyone who came out to support Old North Bridge Hounds at our October 2nd Hunter Pace. Despite the overcast skies, the footing was good and people had an excellent time. We will be sending out ribbons very soon. A special shout out of thanks to Kristin Munger and Ann Hanscom who were veryContinue reading “Results from October 2 Hunter Pace at Red Rail Farm”

Blessing of the Hounds, Pepperell, 11.19

We had a beautiful day for our Blessing of the Hounds and we all felt particularly blessed to have the opportunity to hunt these beautiful fields. This day was made possible by the unflagging work of Jon and Anne Kaiser, Janet Marantz, Marjorie Franko, Lori Baldwin and other volunteers who spent the last two weeksContinue reading “Blessing of the Hounds, Pepperell, 11.19”

Joint Hunt with Tanheath 11/6

Yesterday we had a joint meet with Tanheath in Pomfret, Connecticut. It was a beautiful day and it seems a shame to miss out on any opportunity to explore some new territory. It was only 24 degrees when we left the barn but had warmed up to a whopping 27 during the hour and 20Continue reading “Joint Hunt with Tanheath 11/6”

Hunt Report: Arena Terrace, October 11

For the first time this fall our trusty Hound Truck Driver, Jenn Fuller got to ride in the field. Luckily she picked a great day to do this because it was another perfect fall day — the weekend heat wave was over and the temperatures were in the low 60s. Seemingly overnight the trees haveContinue reading “Hunt Report: Arena Terrace, October 11”

Hunt Report: Red Rail, October 8th

Saturday, October 8th we hunted from Red Rail Farm. It was a really beautiful day — up in the mid-70s and sunny — and we had a nice large turn out. The hunt started from one of the most beautiful fields around offering a fabulous view of the hounds as they started to work. WeContinue reading “Hunt Report: Red Rail, October 8th”

Hunt Report: Rasmussen’s Field October 1st

I think everyone will enjoy this hunt report with perspectives from Jennifer Fuller and Suzanne Adams. This is a hunt that sounds like it would have been a great ride. I wish I’d been able to participate but someone had to cook the flank steak for the tea! Jennifer Fuller starts “Another great hunt! IContinue reading “Hunt Report: Rasmussen’s Field October 1st”

Hunt Report from Groton Town Forest

Here’s the hunt report from today’s hunt (September 27th) at the Groton Town Forrest from Jen and Rhonda. Thank you both for keeping us so well informed. If anyone else would like to chime in, please do! Jen wrote: “The steamy weather just doesn’t want to break so despite somewhat cooler temperatures, it was anotherContinue reading “Hunt Report from Groton Town Forest”

Hunt Report from Westminster

If you didn’t get the chance to hunt at Westminster on September 25th, here’s an update from Jennifer Fuller, who has been driving the hound truck while Declan recovers from an injury, and Rhonda Hettinger who whipped in. Thanks to both of them for reporting! For all of us who couldn’t be there, it willContinue reading “Hunt Report from Westminster”