Hunt Report from Groton Town Forest

Here’s the hunt report from today’s hunt (September 27th) at the Groton Town Forrest from Jen and Rhonda. Thank you both for keeping us so well informed. If anyone else would like to chime in, please do!

Jen wrote: “The steamy weather just doesn’t want to break so despite somewhat cooler temperatures, it was another hot one for hunting. Especially at Groton Town Forest, where there’s no shade in the parking area. Luckily most of the territory is in the woods which the riders, horses and hounds appreciated, I’m sure! We had 5 couple with us again, the same hounds we had in Westminster, but swapped Apple for Jazz since Apple’s in heat. The hounds were a little slow today and there wasn’t much voice, but they all came in at the check and they all finished together. And THAT is nothing to complain about! We had a good sized field for a Tuesday and it was great to welcome back Larry and Marjorie from their travels in Russia. Wendy led the first flight and Deb led the hilltoppers and the entire field was all smiles at the finish. Another great day with ONBH as far as I’m concerned!”

Rhonda added: “Yes, the hounds kept trying nearly all the way, have to give them credit. I was posted out at the railroad track crossing, and could hear them coming from Bloods’, but after that voice was pretty spotty, with Dandy and Diva being the vocal stars. We hit bees just before the switchback turn in the woods on the first piece (that would be where Noel gave great voice!) and again early on the second piece… (I’ll be interested to see whether Cricket keeps up her performance of today, when she let me know with a swirling tail that they were there both times, well before anyone got zinged! Could be useful!)

Once again, hounds were quite obedient. Although Cameo hung back a bit at the check, spooked by all the horses, she did appear–so we had all 5 couple both there and at the end. There was a minor detour to the river by a few (I think some of us might have felt like joining them!) but all returned quickly. Midway of the second piece, something (we don’t know what) briefly detoured about half the pack, but they were honest enough to quit giving tongue, and came along quickly to join the rest in the last couple of fields.

And I agree: “Another great day with ONBH as far as I’m concerned!”

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