ONBH Officers

Our Masters
The Check on Monument Street.

The Masters supervise the breeding, care, and hunting of hounds. They schedule, plan, and manage the hunts. The masters provide the leadership and tone for the hunt club. They also make a great effort to maintain cordial relationships with landowners, over whose property we pass when we hunt.

  • Sandi Bedford, jt-M.F.H
  • Marjorie Franko, jt-M.F.H
  • Stu Greenberg, jt-M.F.H (emeritus)
  • Tom Moran, jt-M.F.H
  • Ginny Zukatynski, jt-M.F.H. and Huntsman
Board of Stewards

The Board of Stewards work with the Masters to manage the finances and other business of the hunt club.

  • Wendy Good, PresidentRhonda
  • Meta Greenberg, Vice President
  • Janet Killeen, Secretary
  • Patricia Jackson, Treasurer
  • Laurie Fitch, Steward
  • Lawrence Franko, Steward
  • Sue Freeman, Steward
  • Rhonda Watts Hettinger, Steward
  • Amy Keith, Steward
  • Martha Laramee, Steward

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