Did you leave a shoe at our Hunter Pace?

A horse shoe, that is.

Someone found and turned in a horse shoe last Sunday. It is a VERY large shoe, with a toe clip, and full plastic pad. If you claim it, we’ll send it back!

Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a wonderful day and helped us raise the money we need to maintain the trails and keep our hounds happy.

Spring Poker Ride Results

Thanks to all the riders who braved the weather and participated in Old North Bridge Hound’s Spring Poker Ride today. Although it was raining hard at 9 a.m., there was a break in the clouds that allowed most riders to stay relatively dry.

Please be sure to join us again at Great Brook State Farm in the fall when we run our more traditional Hunter Pace!

Spring 2010 Poker Ride Results (Click on chart to enlarge).

Fall Hunter Pace Results

Today was a beautiful day. The sun came out and the bugs stayed away. We had more than 70 riders join us for the hunter pace.

We offered four divisions: Fences, Pick & Choose, Flats and Leisure. The results are below.

We also offered awards for the Best Matched team. Winners in that division were:

Winners of our "Best Matched" Team were Rhonda
Winners of our "Best Matched" Team were Rhonda Watts-Hetinger and Noel Estes

1st Place team 61- Rhonda Watts-Hettinger and Noel Estes

2nd Place team 29- Emily Garland and Pam Fleurant

3rd Place team 40-Lynn Dyson, Martha Bugbee, and Lori Ridgeway

4th Place team 66-Sue Bater and Marjorie Franko

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Please excuse our error. When we first posted the results for the Flats division we made a mistake. The results below should be correct!

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